Unsinkable Molly Brown

Margaret Brown (née Tobin)

18 July 1867 – 26 October 1932

Portrait of Margaret 'Molly' Brown

Above: A portrait of the ‘unsinkable’ Margaret “Molly” Brown, the American socialite and philanthropist, who survived aboard lifeboat no. 6.

18 July 1867 – the date that Molly Brown was born Margaret Tobin, in Hannibal, Missouri, to John Tobin and Johanna (nee Collins).

18 – the age at which Margaret relocated to Leadville, Colorado and started work in a department store. Whilst living in Leadville she met James Joseph (‘J.J.’) Brown (1854-1922).

01 September 1886 – the date that James and Margaret married, at Leadville’s Annunciation Church.

I decided that I’d be better off with a poor man whom I loved than with a wealthy one whose money had attracted me. So I married Jim Brown. -Margaret ‘Molly’ Brown

19 – Margaret’s age at the time they married.

31 – James’ age at the time they married.

12 – the difference in age between Molly and J.J., in years.

Did Molly Brown have children?

She did. Molly and James had two children, a boy and a girl, both of whom were in their twenties by the time Molly sailed on Titanic.

30 August 1887 – the date their first child, Lawrence (‘Larry’) Palmer Brown was born.

22 July 1889 – the date their second child, Catherine (‘Helen’) Ellen Brown was born.

12,500 – the number of shares of stock (equivalent to 12.5%) that J.J. Brown was awarded when the mining company he was working for (Ibex Mining Company) struck a significant seam of gold and copper ore at the Little Jonny Mine. J.J. – who had been the superintendent at the time, and who was instrumental in the discovery of the seam – was also given a position on the board.

1894 – the year in which J.J. and Margaret moved to the wealthy neighbourhood of Capitol Hill, Denver.

$30,000 – the vale of the mansion that J.J. and Margaret purchased in Denver.

4 – the number of languages that Margaret Brown could speak fluently (English, French, German, and Italian).

1909 – the year in which Margaret and J.J. signed a separation agreement and parted company (although they retained a respectful and caring relationship).

23 – the number of years that Margaret and J.J. were married before their separation.

$700 – Margaret’s monthly allowance following their separation.

05 September 1922 – the date of J.J.’s death, following a series of heart attacks.

I’ve never met a finer, bigger, more worthwhile man than J.J. Brown. -Margaret Brown following J.J.’s death in 1922

$238,000 – the net worth of J.J.’s estate at the time of his death.

5 – the number of years over which Margaret and her children – Larry and Helen – fought over J.J.’s will (he died without leaving a will to give clear instructions on the division of his estate). Margaret had no further contact with her children.

$20,000 – the value of cash and securities awarded to Margaret.

$100,000 – the value of a trust fund set up in Margaret’s name, from which she received interest.

$118,000 – the balance of J.J.’s estate that went to Larry and Helen Brown.

6 – the number of the lifeboat carrying Molly Brown; she called for the boat to turn back to find survivors, although no reliable evidence exists that any further survivors were found.

44 – Molly Brown’s age when she sailed upon Titanic.

26 October 1932 – the date of Margaret Brown’s death.

65 – her age when she died.

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