Titanic Passengers


Passengers on the Titanic thought they were to experience the ultimate journey by sea, yet so many were to lose their lives in the sinking. It could have been even worse, however, if the ship had not been about half full. Read on to discover even more fascinating facts and figures about the people on board the ship.

3,547 – the maximum capacity of the RMS Titanic when fully loaded with passengers and crew.

2,222 – the total number of people on board (passengers and crew).

2,566 – the number of passengers Titanic was capable of carrying

1,317 – the approximate number of passengers actually on board.

49% – the percentage of passenger places that went unused (the loss of life could have been far great still).

20 – the number of people said to have cancelled their plans to sail aboard Titanic after dreaming that she would sink.

324 – the number of first class passengers on board.

284 – the number of second class passengers.

709 – the number of third class passengers.

107 – the number of children on board, mainly travelling in third class.

Who was the richest passenger on the Titanic?

Colonel John Jacob Astor IV was the wealthiest passenger on board, and believed to be one of the richest people in the world at the time, with a personal fortune that was estimated at between $90-150 million, which today would make him a billionaire a few times over. Astor died in the sinking of the Titanic, and his body picked up by the Mackay-Bennett.

805 – the number of adult male passengers.

402 – the number of adult female passengers.

13 – the number of honeymooning couples on board.

Did You Know?

Cats were commonly taken aboard ships to bring good luck and to control pests. However, contrary to popular belief, no cats were taken aboard the Titanic.

9 – the number of people who sailed on as members of a Harland & Wolff guarantee group, tasked with checking over the ship during her maiden voyage and fixing any small snags that might need attention. All died in the disaster, including one of the chief designers of the Titanic, Thomas Andrews.

$500,000,000 – the estimated, combined wealth of the First Class passengers.

$6,000,000 – the estimated value of cash, jewels, bonds and securities carried aboard.

Oldest and Youngest Passengers

2 months, 13 days – the age of the youngest female aboard Titanic, third class passenger Millvina Dean, who survived in Lifeboat 10.

4 months, 29 days – the age of the youngest male aboard the ship, third class passenger Master Gilbert Sigvard Emanuel Danbom, who sadly died in the sinking. His body was never recovered.

64 years, 8 months, 8 days – – the age of the oldest female on Titanic, first class passenger Mrs Mary Eliza Compton, who survived in Lifeboat 14.

74 years, 10 months, 29 days – the age of the oldest male on board, third class passenger Mr Johan Svensson, who perished in the sinking, and whose body was not recovered.

14 – the number of passengers who were from Addergoole Parish in County Mayo, Ireland. 11 died, 3 survived, and collectively they became known locally as The Addergoole Fourteen. On 15th of April each year a bell ringing service takes place at Saint Patrick’s Church, Lahardane, commencing at 2:20 AM and lasting for one hour, a tradition that started in 2002.

How many children were on the Titanic?

There were 107 children travelling on Titanic. Of these, almost half died in the sinking (one from first class, none from second class, and 49 from third class).

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