Titanic Passenger List

Facts About The Passenger Lists

34 – the number of sheets in the original passenger lists; 27 sheets covering the Southampton passenger list, and 7 sheets covering Queenstown.

$56,250 – the amount fetched for a second class passenger list auctioned at Christie’s in New York on 25 June 2008, which was taken off the Titanic by Miss Bertha Watt, who escaped the ship in Lifeboat No. 9.

$48,000 – the price fetched for a first-class passenger list at an auction of Titanic memorabilia held at Christies in New York on 28 June 2007.

Titanic 1st Class Passenger List

Surname First Names Age Boarded Survivor (S) or Victim (†)
Allen Miss Elisabeth Walton 29 Southampton S
Allison Mr Hudson Joshua Creighton 30 Southampton
Allison Mrs Bessie Waldo 25 Southampton
Allison Miss Helen Loraine 2 Southampton
Allison Master Hudson Trevor 11m Southampton S
Anderson Mr Harry 47 Southampton S
Andrews Miss Kornelia Theodosia 62 Cherbourg S
Andrews Mr Thomas 39 Belfast
Appleton Mrs Charlotte 53 Southampton S
Artagaveytia Mr Ramon 71 Cherbourg
Astor Colonel John Jacob 47 Cherbourg
Astor Mrs Madeleine Talmage 18 Cherbourg S
Aubart Mme. Léontine Pauline “Ninette” 24 Cherbourg S
Barber Miss Ellen Mary (Maid to Mrs Tyrell William Cavendish) 26 Southampton S
Barkworth Mr Algernon Henry 47 Southampton S
Bassani Mrs Albina (Maid to Mrs William Robert Bucknell) 32 Cherbourg S
Baumann Mr John D. 60 Cherbourg
Baxter Mrs Hélène 50 Cherbourg S
Baxter Mr Quigg Edmond 24 Cherbourg
Beattie Mr Thomson 36 Southampton
Beckwith Mr Richard Leonard 37 Southampton S
Beckwith Mrs Sallie 46 Southampton S
Behr Mr Karl Howell 26 Cherbourg S
Bessette Miss Nellie Mayo (Maid to Mrs Ella Holmes White) 39 Cherbourg S
Bidois Miss Rosalie (Maid to Mrs John Jacob Astor) 46 Cherbourg S
Bird Miss Ellen (Maid to Mr & Mrs Isodor Straus) 31 Southampton S
Birnbaum Mr Jakob 24 Cherbourg
Bishop Mr Dickinson H. 25 Cherbourg S
Bishop Mrs Helen 19 Cherbourg S
Björnström-Steffansson Mr Mauritz Hokan 28 Southampton S
Blackwell Mr Stephen Weart 45 Southampton
Blank Mr Henry 39 Cherbourg S
Bonnell Miss Caroline 30 Southampton S
Bonnell Miss Elizabeth 61 Southampton S
Borebank Mr John James 42 Southampton
Bowen Miss Grace Scott (Maid to Mr & Mrs Arthur Ryerson) 45 Cherbourg S
Bowerman Miss Elsie Edith 22 Southampton S
Brady Mr John Bertram 41 Southampton
Brandeis Mr Emil Franklin 48 Cherbourg
Brereton Mr George Andrew 37 Southampton S
Brewe Dr Arthur Jackson 45 Cherbourg
Brown Mrs Caroline Lane 59 Southampton S
Brown Mrs Margaret “Molly” 44 Cherbourg S
Bucknell Mrs Emma Eliza 58 Cherbourg S
Burns Miss Elizabeth Margaret (Nanny to Master Robert Douglas Spedden) 41 Cherbourg S
Butt Major Archibald Willingham 46 Southampton
Cairns Mr Alexander Milne (Manservant to Mr William Ernest Carter) 28 Southampton
Calderhead Mr Edward Pennington 42 Southampton S
Candee Mrs Helen Churchill 52 Cherbourg S
Cardeza Mrs Charlotte Wardle 58 Cherbourg S
Cardeza Mr Thomas Drake Martinez 36 Cherbourg S
Carlsson Mr Frans Olof 33 Southampton
Carraú-Esteves Mr José Pedro 17 Southampton
Carrau Mr Francisco Mauro Severiano 27 Southampton
Carter Mr William Ernest 36 Southampton S
Carter Mrs Lucile 36 Southampton S
Carter Miss Lucile Polk 13 Southampton S
Carter Master William Thornton II 11 Southampton S
Case Mr Howard Brown 49 Southampton
Cassebeer Mrs Eleanor Genevieve 36 Cherbourg S
Cavendish Mr Tyrell William 36 Southampton
Cavendish Mrs Julia Florence 25 Southampton S
Chaffee Mr Herbert Fuller 46 Southampton
Chaffee Mrs Carrie Constance 47 Southampton S
Chambers Mr Norman Campbell 27 Southampton S
Chambers Mrs Bertha 32 Southampton S
Chaudanson Miss Victorine (Maid to Mrs Emily Ryerson) 36 Cherbourg S
Cherry Miss Gladys 30 Southampton S
Chevré Mr Paul Romaine Marie Léonce 45 Cherbourg S
Chibnall Mrs Edith Martha Bowerman 48 Southampton S
Chisholm Mr Roderick Robert Crispin 43 Belfast
Clark Mr Walter Miller 27 Cherbourg
Clark Mrs Virginia Estelle 26 Cherbourg S
Cleaver Miss Alice Catherine (Nanny to Master Hudson Trevor Allison) 22 Southampton S
Clifford Mr George Quincy 40 Southampton
Colley Mr Edward Pomeroy 37 Southampton
Compton Mrs Mary Eliza 64 Cherbourg S
Compton Miss Sara Rebecca 39 Cherbourg S
Compton Mr Alexander Taylor Jr 37 Cherbourg
Cornell Mrs Malvina Helen 55 Southampton S
Crafton Mr John Bertram 59 Southampton
Crosby Captain Edward Gifford 70 Southampton
Crosby Mrs Catherine Elizabeth 64 Southampton S
Crosby Miss Harriette Rebecca 39 Southampton S
Cumings Mr John Bradley 39 Cherbourg
Cumings Mrs Florence Briggs 35 Cherbourg S
Daly Mr Peter Dennis 51 Southampton
Daniel Mr Robert Williams 27 Southampton S
Daniels Miss Sarah Rebecca (Maid to Mr & Mrs Allison) 33 Southampton S
Davidson Mr Thornton 31 Cherbourg
Davidson Mrs Orian 27 Cherbourg S
Dick Mr Albert Adrian 31 Southampton S
Dick Mrs Vera 17 Southampton S
Dodge Dr Washington 52 Southampton S
Dodge Mrs Ruth 34 Southampton S
Dodge Master Washington 4 Southampton S
Douglas Mr Walter Donald 50 Cherbourg
Douglas Mrs Mahala 48 Cherbourg S
Douglas Mrs Mary Hélène 27 Cherbourg S
Duff Gordon Sir Cosmo Edmund 49 Cherbourg S
Duff Gordon Lucy Christiana, Lady 48 Cherbourg S
Dulles Mr William Crothers 39 Cherbourg
Earnshaw Mrs Olive 23 Cherbourg S
Endres Miss Caroline Louise (Nurse to Mrs Madeleine Astor) 39 Cherbourg S
Eustis Miss Elizabeth Mussey 54 Cherbourg S
Evans Miss Edith Corse 36 Cherbourg
Farthing Mr John (Manservant to Mr & Mrs Straus) 57 Southampton
Flegenheim Mrs Antoinette 48 Cherbourg S
Fleming Miss Margaret (Maid to Mr & Mrs Thayer) 42 Cherbourg S
Flynn Mr John Irwin 36 Southampton S
Foreman Mr Benjamin Laventall 30 Southampton
Fortune Mr Mark 64 Southampton
Fortune Mrs Mary 60 Southampton S
Fortune Miss Ethel Flora 28 Southampton S
Fortune Miss Alice Elizabeth 24 Southampton S
Fortune Miss Mabel Helen 23 Southampton S
Fortune Mr Charles Alexander 19 Southampton
Francatelli Miss Laura Mabel (Secretary to Lady Duff-Gordon) 31 Cherbourg S
Franklin Mr Thomas Parnham 37 Southampton
Frauenthal Mr Isaac Gerald 43 Cherbourg S
Frauenthal Dr Henry William 49 Southampton S
Frauenthal Mrs Clara 42 Southampton S
Frölicher Miss Hedwig Margaritha 22 Cherbourg S
Frölicher-Stehli Mr Maximilian Josef 60 Cherbourg S
Frölicher-Stehli Mrs Margaretha Emerentia 48 Cherbourg S
Fry Mr Richard (Valet to Mr Joseph Bruce Ismay) 39 Southampton
Futrelle Mr Jacques Heath 37 Southampton
Futrelle Mrs Lily May 35 Southampton S
Gee Mr Arthur H. 47 Southampton
Gibson Mrs Pauline Caroline 44 Cherbourg S
Gibson Miss Dorothy Winifred 22 Cherbourg S
Gieger Miss Amalie (Maid to Mrs George Dunton Widener) 35 Southampton S
Giglio Mr Victor Gaitan Andrea (Valet to Mr Benjamin Guggenheim) 23 Cherbourg
Goldenberg Mr Samuel L. 47 Cherbourg S
Goldenberg Mrs Nella 40 Cherbourg S
Goldschmidt Mr George B. 71 Cherbourg
Gracie Colonel Archibald 53 Southampton S
Graham Mr George Edward 38 Southampton
Graham Mrs Edith 59 Southampton S
Graham Miss Margaret Edith 19 Southampton S
Greenfield Mrs Blanche 45 Cherbourg S
Greenfield Mr William Bertram 23 Cherbourg S
Guggenheim Mr Benjamin 46 Cherbourg
Harder Mr George Achilles 25 Cherbourg S
Harder Mrs Dorothy 21 Cherbourg S
Harper Mr Henry Sleeper 48 Cherbourg S
Harper Mrs Myra Raymond 49 Cherbourg S
Harrington Mr Charles Henry (Manservant to Mr Clarence Bloomfield Moore) 37 Southampton
Harris Mr Henry Birkhardt 45 Southampton
Harris Mrs Irene 35 Southampton S
Harrison Mr William Henry (Private secretary to Mr Joseph Bruce Ismay) 45 Southampton
Hassab Mr Hammad (Interpreter to Mr Henry Sleeper Harper) 27 Cherbourg S
Hawksford Mr Walter James 45 Southampton S
Hays Mr Charles Melville 55 Southampton
Hays Mrs Clara Jennings 52 Southampton S
Hays Miss Margaret Bechstein 24 Cherbourg S
Head Mr Christopher 42 Southampton
Hilliard Mr Herbert Henry 44 Southampton
Hipkins Mr William Edward 55 Southampton
Hippach Mrs Ida Sophia 44 Cherbourg S
Hippach Miss Jean Gertrude 17 Cherbourg S
Hogeboom Mrs Anna Louisa 51 Cherbourg S
Holverson Mr Alexander Oskar 42 Southampton
Holverson Mrs Mary Aline 35 Southampton S
Homer Mr Harry 40 Southampton S
Hoyt Mr Frederick Maxfield 38 Southampton S
Hoyt Mrs Jane Anne 31 Southampton S
Hoyt Mr William Fisher 42 Cherbourg S
Icard Miss Rose Amélie (Maid to Mrs George Nelson Stone) 39 Southampton S
Isham Miss Ann Elizabeth 50 Cherbourg
Ismay Mr Joseph Bruce 49 Southampton S
Jones Mr Charles Cresson 46 Southampton
Julian Mr Henry Forbes 50 Southampton
Keeping Mr Edwin Herbert (Manservant to Mr & Mrs Widener) 33 Southampton
Kent Mr Edward Austin 58 Cherbourg
Kenyon Mr Frederick Roland 41 Southampton
Kenyon Mrs Marion Estelle 40 Southampton S
Kimball Mr Edwin Nelson Jr. 42 Southampton S
Kimball Mrs Susan Gertrude 45 Southampton S
Klaber Mr Herman 41 Southampton
Kreuchen Miss Emilie (Maid to Mrs Edward Scott Robert) 29 Southampton S
Leader Dr Alice May 49 Southampton S
Leroy Miss Berthe (Maid to Mrs Walter Donald Douglas) 27 Cherbourg S
Lesueur Mr Gustave J. (Manservant to Mr Thomas Cardeza) 35 Cherbourg S
Lewy Mr Ervin G. 30 Cherbourg
Lindeberg-Lind Mr Erik Gustaf 42 Southampton
Lindström Mrs Sigrid 55 Cherbourg S
Lines Mrs Elizabeth Lindsey 50 Cherbourg S
Lines Miss Mary Conover 16 Cherbourg S
Long Mr Milton Clyde 29 Southampton
Longley Miss Gretchen Fiske 21 Cherbourg S
Loring Mr Joseph Holland 30 Southampton
Lurette Miss Eugénie Elise (Maid to Mr & Mrs Spencer) 59 Cherbourg S
Madill Miss Georgette Alexandra 16 Southampton S
Maguire Mr John Edward 30 Southampton
Maioni Miss Roberta Elizabeth Mary (Maid to the Countess of Rothes) 19 Southampton S
Maréchal Mr Pierre 29 Cherbourg S
Marvin Mr Daniel Warner 18 Southampton
Marvin Mrs Mary Graham Carmichael 18 Southampton S
Mayné Mlle Berthe Antonine 24 Cherbourg S
McCaffry Mr Thomas Francis 46 Southampton
McCarthy Mr Timothy J. 54 Southampton
McGough Mr James Robert 35 Southampton S
Meyer Mr Edgar Joseph 28 Cherbourg
Meyer Mrs Leila 25 Cherbourg S
Millet Mr Francis Davis 65 Cherbourg
Minahan Dr William Edward 44 Queenstown
Minahan Mrs Lillian E. 37 Queenstown S
Minahan Miss Daisy E. 33 Queenstown S
Mock Mr Philipp Edmund 30 Cherbourg S
Molson Mr Harry Markland 55 Southampton
Moore Mr Clarence Bloomfield 47 Southampton
Natsch Mr Charles 36 Cherbourg
Newell Mr Arthur Webster 58 Cherbourg
Newell Miss Marjorie Anne 23 Cherbourg S
Newell Miss Madeleine 31 Cherbourg S
Newsom Miss Helen Monypeny 19 Southampton S
Nicholson Mr Arthur Ernest 59 Southampton
Nourney Mr Alfred 20 Cherbourg S
Oliva Y Ocana Doña Fermina (Maid to Mrs Victor de Satode Peñasco y Castellana) 39 Cherbourg S
Omont Mr Alfred Fernand 29 Cherbourg S
Ostby Mr Engelhart Cornelius 64 Southampton
Østby Miss Helen Ragnhild 22 Southampton S
Oviés Y Rodríguez Mr Servando José Florentino 36 Cherbourg
Parr Mr William Henry Marsh 29 Belfast
Partner Mr Austin 40 Southampton
Payne Mr Vivian Ponsonby (Private secretary to Mr Charles Melville Hays) 22 Southampton
Pears Mr Thomas Clinton 29 Southampton
Pears Mrs Edith 22 Southampton S
Peñasco Y Castellana Mr Victor 24 Cherbourg
Peñasco Y Castellana Mrs Maria Josefa Perezde Soto y Vallejo 22 Cherbourg S
Perreault Miss Mary Anne (Maid to Mrs Charles Melville Hays) 33 Southampton S
Peuchen Major Arthur Godfrey 52 Southampton S
Porter Mr Walter Chamberlain 46 Southampton
Potter Mrs Lily Alexenia 56 Cherbourg S
Reuchlin Mr Jonkheer Johan George 38 Cherbourg
Rheims Mr George Alexander Lucien 33 Cherbourg S
Righini Mr Sante (Manservant to Mrs John Stewart White) 22 Cherbourg
Robert Mrs Elisabeth Walton 43 Southampton S
Robins Mr Victor (Valet to Mr John Jacob Astor) 42 Cherbourg
Roebling Mr Washington Augustus II 31 Southampton
Romaine Mr Charles Hallace 45 Southampton S
Rood Mr Hugh Roscoe 39 Southampton
Rosenbaum Miss Edith Louise 33 Cherbourg S
Rosenshine Mr George 46 Cherbourg
Ross Mr John Hugo 36 Southampton
Rothes Lucy Noël Martha, Countess of 33 Southampton S
Rothschild Mr Martin 46 Cherbourg
Rothschild Mrs Elizabeth Jane Anne 54 Cherbourg S
Rowe Mr Alfred G. 59 Southampton
Ryerson Mr Arthur Larned 61 Cherbourg
Ryerson Mrs Emily Maria 48 Cherbourg S
Ryerson Miss Emily Borie 18 Cherbourg S
Ryerson Miss Susan Parker “Suzette” 21 Cherbourg S
Ryerson Master John Borie 13 Cherbourg S
Saalfeld Mr Adolphe 47 Southampton S
Salomon Mr Abraham Lincoln 43 Cherbourg S
Sägesser Mlle Emma (Maid to Mme. Léontine Pauline Aubart) 24 Cherbourg S
Schabert Mrs Emma 35 Cherbourg S
Serreplan Miss Auguste (Maid to Mrs William Carter) 30 Southampton S
Seward Mr Frederic Kimber 34 Southampton S
Shutes Miss Elizabeth Weed (Governess to Miss Margaret Edith Graham) 40 Southampton S
Silverthorne Mr Spencer Victor 35 Southampton S
Silvey Mr William Baird 51 Cherbourg
Silvey Mrs Alice Gray 39 Cherbourg S
Simonius-Blumer Mr Colonel (Oberst) Alfons 56 Southampton S
Sloper Mr William Thompson 28 Southampton S
Smart Mr John Montgomery 56 Southampton
Smith Mr James Clinch 56 Cherbourg
Smith Mr Richard William 57 Southampton
Smith Mr Lucian Philip 24 Cherbourg
Smith Mrs Mary Eloise 18 Cherbourg S
Snyder Mr John Pillsbury 24 Southampton S
Snyder Mrs Nelle 23 Southampton S
Spedden Mr Frederic Oakley 45 Cherbourg S
Spedden Mrs Margaretta Corning “Daisy” 39 Cherbourg S
Spedden Master Robert Douglas 6 Cherbourg S
Spencer Mr William Augustus 57 Cherbourg
Spencer Mrs Marie Eugenie 45 Cherbourg S
Stähelin-Maeglin Dr Max 32 Southampton S
Stead Mr William Thomas 62 Southampton
Stengel Mr Charles Emil Henry 54 Cherbourg S
Stengel Mrs Annie May 44 Cherbourg S
Stephenson Mrs Martha 52 Cherbourg S
Stewart Mr Albert Ankeny 64 Cherbourg
Stone Mrs Martha Evelyn 62 Southampton S
Straus Mr Isidor 67 Southampton
Straus Mrs Rosalie Ida 63 Southampton
Sutton Mr Frederick 61 Southampton
Swift Mrs Margaret Welles 46 Southampton S
Taussig Mr Emil 52 Southampton
Taussig Mrs Tillie 39 Southampton S
Taussig Miss Ruth 18 Southampton S
Taylor Mr Elmer Zebley 48 Southampton S
Taylor Mrs Juliet Cummins 49 Southampton S
Thayer Mr John Borland 49 Cherbourg
Thayer Mrs Marian Longstreth 39 Cherbourg S
Thayer Mr John Borland Jr 17 Cherbourg S
Thorne Miss Gertrude Maybelle 38 Cherbourg S
Tucker Mr Gilbert Milligan Jr 31 Cherbourg S
Uruchurtu Don. Manuel Ramirez 39 Cherbourg
Van Der Hoef Mr Wyckoff 61 Belfast
Walker Mr William Anderson 48 Southampton
Ward Miss Annie Moore (Maid to Mrs Charlotte Cardeza) 35 Cherbourg S
Warren Mr Frank Manley 63 Cherbourg
Warren Mrs Anna Sophia 60 Cherbourg S
Weir Colonel John 59 Southampton
White Mr Percival Wayland 54 Southampton
White Mr Richard Frasar 21 Southampton
White Mrs Ella 55 Cherbourg S
Wick Colonel George Dennick 57 Southampton
Wick Mrs Mary Peebles 45 Southampton S
Wick Miss Mary Natalie 31 Southampton S
Widener Mr George Dunton 50 Southampton
Widener Mrs Eleanor 50 Southampton S
Widener Mr Harry Elkins 27 Southampton
Willard Miss Constance 21 Southampton S
Williams Mr Fletcher Fellowes Lambert 43 Southampton
Williams Mr Charles Duane 51 Cherbourg
Williams Mr Richard Norris II 21 Cherbourg S
Wilson Miss Helen Alice (Maid to Mrs Frederic Oakley Spedden) 31 Cherbourg S
Woolner Mr Hugh 45 Southampton S
Wright Mr George 62 Southampton
Young Miss Marie Grice 36 Cherbourg S

Titanic 2nd Class Passenger List

Surname First Names Age Boarded Survivor (S) or Victim (†)
Abelson Mr Samuel 30 Cherbourg
Abelson Mrs Hannah 28 Cherbourg S
Aldworth Mr Augustus Henry 34 Southampton
Andrew Mr Frank Thomas 25 Southampton
Andrew Mr Edgar Samuel 17 Southampton
Angle Mrs Florence Agnes 36 Southampton S
Angle Mr William 32 Southampton
Ashby Mr John 57 Southampton
Bailey Mr Percy 15 Southampton
Baimbrigge Mr Charles Robert 22 Southampton
Balls Mrs Ada E. 36 Southampton S
Banfield Mr Frederick James 28 Southampton
Bateman Reverend Robert James 51 Southampton
Beane Mr Edward 32 Southampton S
Beane Mrs Ethel 22 Southampton S
Beauchamp Mr Henry James 28 Southampton
Becker Mrs Nellie E. 35 Southampton S
Becker Miss Ruth Elizabeth 12 Southampton S
Becker Miss Marion Louise 4 Southampton S
Becker Master Richard F. 1 Southampton S
Beesley Mr Lawrence 34 Southampton S
Bentham Miss Lillian W. 19 Southampton S
Berriman Mr William John 23 Southampton
Botsford Mr William Hull 25 Southampton
Bowenur Mr Solomon 42 Southampton
Bracken Mr James Hollen 29 Southampton
Brailey Mr William Theodore Ronald 24 Southampton
Bricoux Mr Roger Marie 20 Southampton
Brito Mr José Joaquim de 32 Southampton
Brown Mr Thomas William Solomon 60 Southampton
Brown Mrs Elizabeth Catherine 40 Southampton S
Brown Miss Amelia Mary 18 Southampton S
Brown Miss Edith Eileen 15 Southampton S
Bryhl Mr Kurt Arnold Gottfrid 25 Southampton
Bryhl Miss Dagmar Jenny Ingeborg 20 Southampton S
Buss Miss Kate 36 Southampton S
Butler Mr Reginald Fenton 25 Southampton
Byles Father Thomas Roussel Davids 42 Southampton
Byström Mrs Karolina 40 Southampton
Caldwell Mrs Sylvia Mae 28 Southampton S
Caldwell Mr Albert Francis 26 Southampton S
Caldwell Master Alden Gates 10m Southampton S
Cameron Miss Clear Annie 35 Southampton S
Campbell Mr William Henry 21 Belfast
Carbines Mr William 19 Southampton
Carter Father Ernest Courtenay 54 Southampton
Carter Mrs Lilian 45 Southampton
Chapman Mr Charles Henry 52 Southampton
Chapman Mr John Henry 36 Southampton
Chapman Mrs Sara Elizabeth 28 Southampton
Christy Mrs Alice Frances 45 Southampton S
Christy Miss Rachel Juli Cohen 25 Southampton S
Clarke Mr Charles Valentine 29 Southampton
Clarke Mr John Frederick Preston 28 Southampton
Clarke Mrs Ada Maria 28 Southampton S
Coleridge Mr Reginald Charles 29 Southampton
Collander Mr Erik Gustaf 27 Southampton
Collett Mr Sidney Clarence Stuart 25 Southampton S
Collyer Mrs Charlotte Caroline 31 Southampton S
Collyer Mr Harvey 31 Southampton
Collyer Miss Marjorie Lottie 8 Southampton S
Cook Mrs Selena 22 Southampton S
Corbett Mrs Irene 30 Southampton
Corey Mrs Mary Emma 30 Southampton
Cotterill Mr Henry 20 Southampton
Cunningham Mr Alfred Fleming 21 Belfast
Davies Mrs Agnes 48 Southampton S
Davies Mr Charles Henry 19 Southampton
Davies Master John Morgan Jr 8 Southampton S
Davis Miss Mary Ann Charlotte 28 Southampton S
Deacon Mr Percy William 18 Southampton
Del Carlo Mr Sebastiano 29 Cherbourg
Del Carlo Mrs Argene 24 Cherbourg S
Denbuoy Mr Albert Joseph 25 Southampton
Dibden Mr William 18 Southampton
Doling Mrs Ada Julia Elizabeth 34 Southampton
Doling Miss Elsie 18 Southampton
Douton Mr William Joseph 55 Southampton
Drew Mr James Vivian 42 Southampton
Drew Mrs Maria Louisa Thorne 34 Southampton S
Drew Master Marshall Brines 8 Southampton S
Durán I Moné Señora Florentina 30 Cherbourg S
Durán I Moné Señora Asuncion 27 Cherbourg S
Eitemiller Mr George Floyd 25 Southampton
Enander Mr Ingvar 21 Southampton
Fahlstrøm Mr Arne Joma 18 Southampton
Faunthorpe Mr Harry Bartram 41 Southampton
Fillbrook Mr Joseph Charles 18 Southampton
Fox Mr Stanley Harrington 38 Southampton
Frost Mr Anthony Wood 38 Belfast
Funk Miss Annie Clemmer 38 Southampton
Fynney Mr Joseph J. 35 Southampton
Gale Mr Harry 38 Southampton
Gale Mr Shadrach 33 Southampton
Garside Miss Ethel 39 Southampton S
Gaskell Mr William Alfred 19 Southampton
Gavey Mr Laurence 26 Southampton
Gilbert Mr William 47 Southampton
Giles Mr Ralph 24 Southampton
Giles Mr Edgar 21 Southampton
Giles Mr Frederick Edward 20 Southampton
Gill Mr John 24 Southampton
Gillespie Mr William Henry 31 Southampton
Givard Mr Hans Kristensen 30 Southampton
Greenberg Mr Samuel 52 Southampton
Hämäläinen Mrs Anna 23 Southampton S
Hämäläinen Master Viljo Unto Johannes 7m Southampton S
Hale Mr Reginald 30 Southampton
Harbeck Mr William H. 44 Southampton
Harper Reverend John 39 Southampton
Harper Miss Annie Jessie 6 Southampton S
Harris Mr George 62 Southampton S
Harris Mr Walter 44 Southampton
Hart Mrs Esther Ada 48 Southampton S
Hart Mr Benjamin 47 Southampton
Hart Miss Eva Miriam 7 Southampton S
Hartley Mr Wallace Henry 33 Southampton
Herman Mr Samuel 49 Southampton
Herman Mrs Jane 48 Southampton S
Herman Miss Alice 23 Southampton S
Herman Miss Kate 23 Southampton S
Hewlett Mrs Mary Dunbar 56 Southampton S
Hickman Mr Lewis 30 Southampton
Hickman Mr Leonard Mark 24 Southampton
Hickman Mr Stanley George 20 Southampton
Hiltunen Miss Marta 18 Southampton
Hocking Mrs Eliza 54 Southampton S
Hocking Mr Samuel James Metcalfe 36 Southampton
Hocking Mr Richard George 23 Southampton
Hocking Miss Ellen 20 Southampton S
Hodges Mr Henry Price 50 Southampton
Hold Mr Stephen 44 Southampton
Hold Mrs Annie Margaret 29 Southampton S
Hood Mr Ambrose Jr 21 Southampton
Hosono Mr Masabumi 41 Southampton S
Howard Mr Benjamin 63 Southampton
Howard Mrs Ellen Truelove 61 Southampton
Hume Mr John Law 21 Southampton
Hunt Mr George Henry 33 Southampton
Ilett Miss Bertha 17 Southampton
Jacobsohn Mr Sidney Samuel 42 Southampton
Jacobsohn Mrs Amy Frances Christy 24 Southampton S
Jarvis Mr Denzil John 47 Southampton
Jefferys Mr Clifford Thomas 24 Southampton
Jefferys Mr Ernest Wilfred 22 Southampton
Jenkin Mr Stephen Curnow 32 Southampton
Jerwan Mrs Marie Marthe 23 Cherbourg S
Kantor Mr Sinai 34 Southampton
Kantor Mrs Miriam 24 Southampton S
Karnes Mrs Claire 28 Southampton
Keane Miss Nora Agnes 46 Queenstown S
Keane Mr Daniel 35 Queenstown
Kelly Mrs Fanny Maria 45 Southampton S
Kirkland Father Charles Leonard 52 Queenstown
Knight Mr Robert 39 Belfast
Krins Mr Georges Alexandre 23 Southampton
Kvillner Mr Johan Henrik Johannesson 31 Southampton
Lévy Mr René Jacques 36 Southampton
Lahtinen Father William 35 Southampton
Lahtinen Mrs Anna Amelia 34 Southampton
Lamb Mr John J. 30 Queenstown
Laroche Mr Joseph Philippe Lemercier 25 Cherbourg
Laroche Mrs Juliette Marie Louise 22 Cherbourg S
Laroche Miss Simonne Marie Anne Andrée 3 Cherbourg S
Laroche Miss Louise 1 Cherbourg S
Lehmann Miss Bertha 17 Cherbourg S
Leitch Miss Jessie Wills 31 Southampton S
Lemore Mrs Amelia 46 Southampton S
Leyson Mr Robert William Norman 25 Southampton
Lingane Mr John 61 Queenstown
Louch Mr Charles 50 Southampton
Louch Mrs Alice Adelaide 42 Southampton
Mack Mrs Mary 57 Southampton
Malachard Mr Jean-Noël 25 Cherbourg
Mallet Mr Albert Denis Pierre 45 Cherbourg
Mallet Mrs Antonine Marie 24 Cherbourg S
Mallet Master André Clement 1 Cherbourg S
Mangiavacchi Mr Serafino Emilio 30 Cherbourg
Matthews Mr William John 23 Southampton
Maybery Mr Frank Hubert 36 Southampton
McCrae Mr Arthur Gordon 32 Southampton
McCrie Mr James Matthew 32 Southampton
McKane Mr Peter Daniel 46 Southampton
Mellinger Mrs Elizabeth Anne 41 Southampton S
Mellinger Miss Violet Madeline 13 Southampton S
Mellors Mr William John 19 Southampton S
Meyer Mr August 31 Southampton
Milling Mr Jacob Christian 48 Southampton
Mitchell Mr Henry Michael 71 Southampton
Montvila Father Juozas 27 Southampton
Moraweck Dr Ernest 54 Southampton
Morley Mr Henry Samuel 38 Southampton
Mudd Mr Thomas Cupper 16 Southampton
Myles Mr Thomas Francis 63 Queenstown
Nasser Mr Nicholas 28 Cherbourg
Nasser Mrs Adele 14 Cherbourg
Navratil Mr Michel 32 Southampton
Navratil Master Michel Marcel 3 Southampton S
Navratil Master Edmond Roger 2 Southampton S
Nesson Mr Israel 26 Southampton
Nicholls Mr Joseph Charles 19 Southampton
Norman Mr Robert Douglas 27 Southampton
Nye Mrs Elizabeth 29 Southampton S
Otter Mr Richard 38 Southampton
Oxenham Mr Percy Thomas 22 Southampton S
Padron Manent Mr Julian 26 Cherbourg S
Pain Dr Alfred 23 Southampton
Pallàs I Castelló Señor Emili 29 Cherbourg S
Parker Mr Clifford Richard 17 Southampton
Parkes Mr Francis 21 Belfast
Parrish Mrs Lutie Davis 59 Southampton S
Pengelly Mr Frederick William 19 Southampton
Pernot Mr René 39 Cherbourg
Peruschitz Father Josef 41 Southampton
Phillips Mr Escott Robert 42 Southampton
Phillips Miss Alice Frances Louisa 21 Southampton S
Phillips Miss Kate Florence 19 Southampton S
Pinsky Mrs Rosa 32 Southampton S
Ponesell Mr Martin 24 Southampton
Portaluppi Mr Emilio Ilario Giuseppe 30 Cherbourg S
Pulbaum Mr Franz 27 Cherbourg
Quick Mrs Jane 33 Southampton S
Quick Miss Winifred Vera 8 Southampton S
Quick Miss Phyllis May 2 Southampton S
Reeves Mr David 36 Southampton
Renouf Mr Peter Henry 33 Southampton
Renouf Mrs Lillian 30 Southampton
Reynalds Señora Encarnación 28 Southampton S
Richard Mr Emile Phillippe 23 Cherbourg
Richards Mrs Emily 24 Southampton S
Richards Master Sibley George 9m Southampton S
Richards Master William Rowe 3 Southampton S
Ridsdale Miss Lucy 58 Southampton S
Rogers Mr Reginald Harry 18 Southampton
Rugg Miss Emily 21 Southampton S
Schmidt Mr Augustus 21 Southampton
Sedgwick Mr Charles Frederick Waddington 28 Southampton
Sharp Mr Percival 27 Southampton
Shelley Mrs Imanita Parrish 25 Southampton S
Silvén Miss Lyyli Karoliina 17 Southampton S
Sincock Miss Maude 20 Southampton S
Sinkkonen Miss Anna 29 Southampton S
Sjöstedt Mr Ernst Adolf 59 Southampton
Slayter Miss Hilda Mary 30 Queenstown S
Slemen Mr Richard James 35 Southampton
Smith Miss Marion Elsie 39 Southampton S
Sobey Mr Samuel James Hayden 25 Southampton
Stanton Mr Samuel Ward 42 Cherbourg
Stokes Mr Philip Joseph 25 Southampton
Swane Mr George 19 Southampton
Sweet Mr George Frederick 14 Southampton
Taylor Mr Percy Cornelius 32 Southampton
Toomey Miss Ellen Mary 48 Southampton S
Troupiansky Mr Moses Aaron 23 Southampton
Trout Mrs Jessie Laird 27 Southampton S
Troutt Miss Edwina Celia 27 Southampton S
Turpin Mr William John 29 Southampton
Turpin Mrs Dorothy Ann 26 Southampton
Veal Mr James 40 Southampton
Wallcroft Miss Ellen “Nellie” 36 Southampton S
Ware Mr John James 45 Southampton
Ware Mrs Florence Louise 31 Southampton S
Ware Mr William Jeffery 23 Southampton
Watson Mr Ennis Hastings 19 Belfast
Watt Mrs Elizabeth 40 Southampton S
Watt Miss Robertha Josephine 12 Southampton S
Webber Miss Susan 37 Southampton S
Weisz Mr Léopold 37 Southampton
Weisz Mrs Mathilde Françoise 37 Southampton S
Wells Mrs Addie Dart 29 Southampton S
Wells Miss Joan 4 Southampton S
Wells Master Ralph Lester 2 Southampton S
West Mr Edwy Arthur 36 Southampton
West Mrs Ada Mary 33 Southampton S
West Miss Barbara Joyce 10m Southampton S
West Miss Constance Mirium 4 Southampton S
Wheadon Mr Edward Henry 65 Southampton
Wheeler Mr Edwin Charles 24 Southampton
Whilems Mr Charles 31 Southampton S
Wilkinson Mrs Elizabeth Anne 35 Southampton S
Williams Mr Charles Eugene 23 Southampton S
Woodward Mr John Wesley 32 Southampton
Wright Miss Marion 26 Southampton S
Yvois Miss Henriette 24 Southampton

Titanic 3rd Class Passenger List

Surname First Names Age Boarded Survivor (S) or Victim (†)
Ab ī-Al-Munà Mr Nās īf Qāsim 26 Cherbourg S
Abbing Mr Anthony 42 Southampton
Abbott Mrs Rhoda Mary “Rosa” 39 Southampton S
Abbott Mr Rossmore Edward 16 Southampton
Abbott Mr Eugene Joseph 14 Southampton
Abelseth Miss Karen Marie 16 Southampton S
Abelseth Mr Olaus Jørgensen 25 Southampton S
Abrahamsson Mr Abraham August Johannes 20 Southampton S
Ådahl Mr Mauritz 30 Southampton
Adams Mr John 26 Southampton
Ahlin Mrs Johanna Persdotter 40 Southampton
Aks Mrs Leah 18 Southampton S
Aks Master Frank Philip 10m Southampton S
Al-Munà Mr Far īd Husayn Qāsim 18 Cherbourg
Alexander Mr William Albert 23 Southampton
Alhomäki Mr Ilmari Rudolf 19 Southampton
Ali Mr Ahmed 24 Southampton
Ali Mr William 25 Southampton
Allen Mr William Henry 38 Southampton
Allum Mr Owen George 15 Southampton
Andersen Mr Albert Karvin 33 Southampton
Andersen-Jensen Miss Carla Christine Nielsine 19 Southampton S
Andersson Miss Erna Alexandra 17 Southampton S
Andersson Mr Johan Samuel 26 Southampton
Andersson Miss Ida Augusta Margareta 38 Southampton
Andersson Mr Anders Johan 39 Southampton
Andersson Mrs Alfrida Konstantia Brogren 39 Southampton
Andersson Miss Sigrid Elisabeth 11 Southampton
Andersson Miss Ingeborg Constanzia 9 Southampton
Andersson Miss Ebba Iris Alfrida 6 Southampton
Andersson Master Sigvard Harald Elias 4 Southampton
Andersson Miss Ellis Anna Maria 2 Southampton
Andreasson Mr Pål Edvin 20 Southampton
Angheloff Mr Minko 26 Southampton
Arnold-Franchi Mr Josef 25 Southampton
Arnold-Franchi Mrs Josefine 18 Southampton
Aronsson Mr Ernst Axel Algot 24 Southampton
Asim Mr Adola 35 Southampton
Asplund Master Edvin Rojj Felix 3 Southampton S
Asplund Mr Johan Charles 23 Southampton S
Asplund Mr Carl Oscar Vilhelm Gustafsson 40 Southampton
Asplund Mrs Selma Augusta Emilia 38 Southampton S
Asplund Master Carl Edgar 5 Southampton
Asplund Master Filip Oscar 13 Southampton
Asplund Master Clarence Gustaf Hugo 9 Southampton
Asplund Miss Lillian Gertrud 5 Southampton S
Assaf Mrs Mariana 45 Cherbourg S
Assam Mr Ali 23 Southampton
Attala Mr Sleiman 27 Cherbourg
Attalah Miss Malake 17 Cherbourg
Augustsson Mr Albert 23 Southampton
Ayoub Daher Miss Banoura 15 Cherbourg S
Backström Mr Karl Alfred 32 Southampton
Backström Mrs Maria Mathilda 33 Southampton
Baclini Mrs Latifa 24 Cherbourg S
Baclini Miss Marie Catherine 5 Cherbourg S
Baclini Miss Eugenie 3 Cherbourg S
Baclini Miss Helene Barbara 9m Cherbourg S
Badman Miss Emily Louisa 18 Southampton S
Badt Mr Mohamed 40 Cherbourg
Balkic Mr Cerin 26 Southampton
Banski Mrs Mara 31 Southampton
Barbara Mrs Catherine David 45 Cherbourg
Barbara Miss Saiide 18 Cherbourg
Barry Miss Julia 26 Queenstown
Barton Mr David John 22 Southampton
Batoshev Mr Hristo Lalev 23 Southampton
Būlus Mrs Sultānah 40 Cherbourg
Būlus Miss Nūr-al-Ayn 7 Cherbourg
Būlus Master Akar 9 Cherbourg
Beavan Mr William Thomas 20 Southampton
Bengtsson Mr Johan Viktor 26 Southampton
Berglund Mr Karl Ivar Sven 22 Southampton
Bing Mr Lee 32 Southampton S
Birkeland Mr Hans Martin Monsen 21 Southampton
Björklund Mr Ernst Herbert 18 Southampton
Bostandyeff Mr Guentcho 26 Southampton
Bourke Mr John 42 Queenstown
Bourke Mrs Catherine 32 Queenstown
Bourke Miss Mary 40 Queenstown
Bowen Mr David John “Dai” 26 Southampton
Bradley Miss Bridget Delia 22 Queenstown S
Braf Miss Elin Ester Maria 20 Southampton
Braund Mr Lewis Richard 29 Southampton
Braund Mr Owen Harris 22 Southampton
Brobäck Mr Karl Rudolf 22 Southampton
Brocklebank Mr William Alfred 35 Southampton
Buckley Mr Daniel 21 Queenstown S
Buckley Miss Katherine 22 Queenstown
Burke Mr Jeremiah 19 Queenstown
Burns Miss Mary Delia 17 Queenstown
Butrus-Ka’W ī Mr Tannūs 21 Cherbourg
Cacic Mr Jego Grga 18 Southampton
Cacic Mr Luka 38 Southampton
Cacic Miss Marija 30 Southampton
Cacic Miss Manda 21 Southampton
Calic Mr Petar 17 Southampton
Calic Mr Jovo 17 Southampton
Canavan Miss Mary 22 Queenstown
Canavan Mr Patrick 21 Queenstown
Cann Mr Ernest 21 Southampton
Caram Mr Joseph 28 Cherbourg
Caram Mrs Maria Elias 18 Cherbourg
Carlsson Mr Carl Robert 24 Southampton
Carlsson Mr August Sigfrid 28 Southampton
Carr Miss Jane 45 Queenstown
Carver Mr Alfred John 28 Southampton
Celotti Mr Francesco 24 Southampton
Charters Mr David 20 Queenstown
Chip Mr Chang 32 Southampton S
Christmann Mr Emil 29 Southampton
Chronopoulos Mr Apostolos M. 26 Cherbourg
Chronopoulos Mr Dimitrios M. 21 Cherbourg
Coelho Mr Domingos Fernandeo 20 Southampton
Cohen Mr Gurshon 18 Southampton S
Colbert Mr Patrick 24 Queenstown
Coleff Mr Satio 24 Southampton
Coltcheff Mr Peju 36 Southampton
Conlin Mr Thomas Henry 31 Queenstown
Connaughton Mr Michael 40 Queenstown
Connolly Miss Catherine 23 Queenstown S
Connolly Miss Kate 41 Queenstown
Connors Mr Patrick 66 Queenstown
Cook Mr Jacob 43 Southampton
Cor Mr Bartol 35 Southampton
Cor Mr Ivan 27 Southampton
Cor Mr Liudevit 19 Southampton
Cornblatt Mr Harris 30 Southampton
Corr Miss Ellen 16 Queenstown S
Coutts Mrs Winnie 36 Southampton S
Coutts Master William Loch 9 Southampton S
Coutts Master Neville Leslie 3 Southampton S
Coxon Mr Daniel 59 Southampton
Crease Mr Ernest James 19 Southampton
Cribb Mr John Hatfield 44 Southampton
Cribb Miss Laura Mae 16 Southampton S
Culumovic Mr Jeso 17 Southampton
Daher Mr Tannous 28 Cherbourg
Dahl Mr Charles Edward 45 Southampton S
Dahlberg Miss Gerda Ulrika 22 Southampton
Dakic Mr Branko 19 Southampton
Daly Miss Margaret Marcella 33 Queenstown S
Daly Mr Eugene Patrick 29 Queenstown S
Danbom Mr Ernst Gilbert 34 Southampton
Danbom Mrs Anna Sigrid Maria 28 Southampton
Danbom Master Gilbert Sigvard Emanuel 4m Southampton
Danoff Mr Yoto 27 Southampton
Davies Mr Evan 22 Southampton
Davies Mr Alfred James 24 Southampton
Davies Mr John 21 Southampton
Davies Mr Joseph 17 Southampton
Davison Mr Thomas Henry 32 Southampton
Davison Mrs Mary Elizabeth 34 Southampton S
De Messemaeker Mr Guillaume Joseph 36 Southampton S
De Messemaeker Mrs Anna 36 Southampton S
De Mulder Mr Theodoor 30 Southampton S
De Pelsmaeker Mr Alfons 16 Southampton
Dean Mr Bertram Frank 25 Southampton
Dean Mrs Eva Georgetta 32 Southampton S
Dean Master Bertram Vere 1 Southampton S
Dean Miss Elizabeth Gladys “Millvina” 2m Southampton S
Delalic Mr Redjo 25 Southampton
Denkoff Mr Mitto 30 Southampton
Dennis Mr Samuel 22 Southampton
Dennis Mr William 26 Southampton
Devaney Miss Margaret Delia 19 Queenstown S
Dika Mr Mirko 17 Southampton
Dimic Mr Jovan 42 Southampton
Dintcheff Mr Valtcho 43 Southampton
Donohoe Miss Bridget 21 Queenstown
Dooly Mr Patrick 38 Queenstown
Dorking Mr Edward Arthur 18 Southampton S
Dougherty Mr William John 22 Queenstown
Dowdell Miss Elizabeth 31 Southampton S
Doyle Miss Elizabeth 28 Queenstown
Drazenovic Mr Jozef 33 Cherbourg
Driscoll Miss Bridget 27 Queenstown S
Dropkin Miss Jennie 24 Southampton
Duquemin Mr Joseph Pierre 24 Southampton S
Dwan Mr Frank 65 Queenstown
Dyker Mr Adolf Fredrik 23 Southampton
Dyker Mrs Anna Elisabeth Judith 22 Southampton S
Edvardsson Mr Gustaf Hjalmar 18 Southampton
Eklund Mr Hans Linus 16 Southampton
Ekström Mr Amandus 45 Southampton
Elias Mr Dibo 29 Cherbourg
Elias Mr Joseph jr. 15 Cherbourg
Elias Nasrallah Mr Tannous 22 Cherbourg
Elsbury Mr William James 48 Southampton
Emanuel Miss Virginia Ethel 5 Southampton S
Estanislau Mr Manuel Gonçalves 37 Southampton
Everett Mr Thomas James 38 Southampton
Fardon Mr Charles Richard 45 Southampton
Farrell Mr James 25 Queenstown
Finoli Mr Luigi 34 Southampton S
Fischer Mr Eberhard Thelander 18 Southampton
Fleming Miss Honor 22 Queenstown
Flynn Mr James 28 Queenstown
Flynn Mr John 42 Queenstown
Foley Mr Joseph 19 Queenstown
Foley Mr William 20 Queenstown
Foo Mr Choong 32 Southampton S
Ford Mr Arthur 22 Southampton
Ford Mrs Margaret Ann Watson 54 Southampton
Ford Miss Dollina Margaret 20 Southampton
Ford Mr Edward Watson 18 Southampton
Ford Mr William Neal Thomas 16 Southampton
Ford Miss Robina Maggie 7 Southampton
Fox Mr Patrick 28 Queenstown
Gallagher Mr Martin 29 Queenstown
Garfirth Mr John 21 Southampton
George/Joseph Mrs Shawneene 38 Cherbourg S
Gerios Thamah Mr Assaf 21 Cherbourg
Gheorgheff Mr Stanio NK Cherbourg
Gilinski Mr Eliezer 22 Southampton
Gilnagh Miss Katherine 17 Queenstown S
Glynn Miss Mary Agatha 19 Queenstown S
Goldsmith Mr Frank John 33 Southampton
Goldsmith Mrs Emily Alice 31 Southampton S
Goldsmith Master Frank John William 9 Southampton S
Goldsmith Mr Nathan 41 Southampton
Goodwin Mr Frederick Joseph 42 Southampton
Goodwin Mrs Augusta 43 Southampton
Goodwin Miss Lillian Amy 16 Southampton
Goodwin Mr Charles Edward 14 Southampton
Goodwin Master William Frederick 11 Southampton
Goodwin Miss Jessie Allis 10 Southampton
Goodwin Master Harold Victor 9 Southampton
Goodwin Master Sidney Leslie 1 Southampton
Grønnestad Mr Daniel Danielsen 32 Southampton
Green Mr George 40 Southampton
Guest Mr Robert 23 Southampton
Gustafsson Mr Karl Gideon 19 Southampton
Gustafsson Mr Alfred Ossian 19 Southampton
Gustafsson Mr Anders Vilhelm 37 Southampton
Gustafsson Mr Johan Birger 28 Southampton
Haas Miss Aloisia 24 Southampton
Hagland Mr Ingvald Olai Olsen 28 Southampton
Hagland Mr Konrad Mathias Reiersen 19 Southampton
Hakkarainen Mr Pekka Pietari 28 Southampton
Hakkarainen Mrs Elin Matilda 24 Southampton S
Hampe Mr Léon Jérome 19 Southampton
Hanna Mr Boulos 18 Cherbourg
Hanna Mr Mansour 35 Cherbourg
Hannah Mr Borak 27 Cherbourg S
Hansen Mr Claus Peter 41 Southampton
Hansen Mrs Jennie Louise 45 Southampton S
Hansen Mr Henry Damsgaard 21 Southampton
Hansen Mr Henrik Juul 26 Southampton
Hargadon Miss Catherine 17 Queenstown
Harknett Miss Alice Phoebe 21 Southampton
Hart Mr Henry 28 Queenstown
Healy Miss Honor 29 Queenstown S
Hedman Mr Oskar Arvid 27 Southampton S
Hee Mr Ling 24 Southampton S
Hegarty Miss Hanora 18 Queenstown
Heikkinen Miss Laina 26 Southampton
Heininen Miss Wendla Maria 23 Southampton
Hellström Miss Hilda Maria 22 Southampton S
Hendekovic Mr Ignjac 28 Southampton
Henriksson Miss Jenny Lovisa 28 Southampton
Henry Miss Bridget Delia 21 Queenstown
Hirvonen Mrs Helga Elisabeth Lindqvist 22 Southampton S
Hirvonen Miss Hildur Elisabeth 2 Southampton S
Holm Mr John Fredrik Alexander 43 Southampton
Holthen Mr Johan Martin 28 Southampton
Honkanen Miss Eliina 27 Southampton
Horgan Mr John 22 Queenstown
Howard Miss May Elizabeth 26 Southampton S
Humblen Mr Adolf Mathias Nicolai Olsen 42 Southampton
Hyman Mr Abraham Joseph 34 Southampton S
Ibrahim Shawah Mr Yousseff 33 Cherbourg
Ibrāhīm Mrs Sāfiyah 18 Cherbourg S
Ibrāhīm Mr Husayn Mahmūd Husayn 11 Cherbourg
Ilieff Mr Ylio 32 Southampton
Ilmakangas Miss Ida Livija 27 Southampton
Ilmakangas Miss Pieta Sofia 25 Southampton
Ivanoff Mr Kanio 20 Southampton
Jabbur (Zabour) Miss Thamine 19 Cherbourg
Jabbur (Zabour) Miss Hileni 16 Cherbourg
Jalševac Mr Ivan 29 Cherbourg S
Jansson Mr Carl Olof 21 Southampton S
Jardim Mr José Neto 21 Southampton
Jönsson Mr Nils Hilding 27 Southampton
Jensen Mr Hans Peder 20 Southampton
Jensen Mr Svend Lauritz 17 Southampton
Jensen Mr Niels Rasmus 48 Southampton
Jermyn Miss Annie Jane 26 Queenstown S
Johannesen Mr Bernt Johannes 29 Southampton S
Johanson Mr Jakob Alfred 34 Southampton
Johansson Mr Nils 29 Southampton
Johansson Mr Erik 22 Southampton
Johansson Mr Gustaf Joel 33 Southampton
Johansson Mr Karl Johan 31 Southampton
Johansson Palmquist Mr Oskar Leander 26 Southampton S
Johnson Mr August 49 Southampton
Johnson Mr William Cahoone Jr. 19 Southampton
Johnson Mr Malkolm Joackim 33 Southampton
Johnson Mrs Elisabeth Vilhelmina 26 Southampton S
Johnson Master Harold Theodor 4 Southampton S
Johnson Miss Eleanor Ileen 1 Southampton S
Johnston Mr Andrew Emslie 35 Southampton
Johnston Mrs Eliza 36 Southampton
Johnston Master William Andrew 8 Southampton
Johnston Miss Catherine Nellie 7 Southampton
Jonkoff Mr Lalio 23 Southampton
Jonsson Mr Carl 25 Southampton S
Joseph (Shahin) Mr Elias 39 Cherbourg
Jussila Miss Katriina 20 Southampton
Jussila Miss Mari Aina 21 Southampton
Jussila Mr Eiriik 32 Southampton S
Kallio Mr Nikolai Erland 17 Southampton
Kalvik Mr Johannes Halvorsen 21 Southampton
Karajic Mr Milan 30 Southampton
Karlsson Mr Einar Gervasius 21 Southampton S
Karlsson Mr Julius Konrad Eugen 33 Southampton
Karlsson Mr Nils August 22 Southampton
Karun Mr Franz 39 Cherbourg S
Karun Miss Manca 4 Cherbourg S
Katavelos Mr Vasilios G. 19 Cherbourg
Keane Mr Andrew 23 Queenstown
Keefe Mr Arthur 39 Southampton
Kelly Mr James 19 Southampton
Kelly Mr James 44 Queenstown
Kelly Miss Anna Katherine 20 Queenstown S
Kelly Miss Mary 22 Queenstown S
Kennedy Mr John 24 Queenstown
Khalil Mr Betros 25 Cherbourg
Khalil Mrs Zahie 20 Cherbourg
Kiernan Mr John Joseph 25 Queenstown
Kiernan Mr Philip 22 Queenstown
Kilgannon Mr Thomas 22 Queenstown
Kink Mr Anton 29 Southampton S
Kink Miss Maria 22 Southampton
Kink Mr Vincenz 26 Southampton
Kink-Heilmann Mrs Luise 26 Southampton S
Kink-Heilmann Miss Luise Gretchen 4 Southampton S
Klasén Mr Klas Albin 18 Southampton
Klasén Miss Gertrud Emilia 1 Southampton
Klasén Mrs Hulda Kristina Eugenia 36 Southampton
Kraeff Mr Theodor NK Cherbourg
Krekorian Mr Neshan 25 Cherbourg S
Kutscher (Lithman) Mr Simon 26 Southampton
Lahhūd Ishaq Mu’Awwad MrSark īs 30 Cherbourg
Laitinen Miss Kristina Sofia 37 Southampton
Lam Mr Ali 38 Southampton S
Lam Mr Len 23 Southampton
Landergren Miss Aurora Adelia 22 Southampton S
Lane Mr Patrick 16 Queenstown
Lang Mr Fang 32 Southampton S
Larsson Mr August Viktor 29 Southampton
Larsson Mr Bengt Edvin 29 Southampton
Larsson Mr Edvard 22 Southampton
Lefebvre Mrs Frances Marie 40 Southampton
Lefebvre Master Henry 5 Southampton
Lefebvre Miss Ida 3 Southampton
Lefebvre Miss Jeannie 8 Southampton
Lefebvre Miss Mathilde 12 Southampton
Leinonen Mr Antti Gustaf 32 Southampton
Lennon Mr Denis 20 Queenstown
Lester Mr James 26 Southampton
Lievens Mr René Aimé 24 Southampton
Lindahl Miss Agda Thorilda Viktoria 25 Southampton
Lindblom Miss Augusta Charlotta 45 Southampton
Lindell Mr Edvard Bengtsson 36 Southampton S
Lindell Mrs Elin Gerda 30 Southampton S
Lindqvist Mr Eino William 20 Southampton S
Linehan Mr Michael 21 Queenstown
Ling Mr Lee 28 Southampton
Linhart Mr Wenzel 27 Southampton
Livshin Mr David 25 Southampton S
Lobb Mr William Arthur 30 Southampton
Lobb Mrs Cordelia K. 26 Southampton
Lockyer Mr Edward Thomas 19 Southampton
Lovell Mr John Hall 20 Southampton
Lulic Mr Nikola 29 Southampton S
Lundahl Mr Johan Svensson 51 Southampton
Lundin Miss Olga Elida 23 Southampton S
Lundström Mr Thure Edvin 32 Southampton S
Lymperopoulus Mr Panagiotis K. 30 Cherbourg
Lyntakoff Mr Stanko 44 Southampton
Mackay Mr George William 20 Southampton
Madigan Miss Margaret 21 Queenstown S
Madsen Mr Fridtjof Arne 24 Southampton S
Mahon Miss Bridget Delia 20 Queenstown
Maisner Mr Simon 34 Southampton
Mangan Miss Mary 32 Queenstown
Mannion Miss Margaret 28 Queenstown S
Mardirosian Mr Sarkis 25 Cherbourg
Marinko Mr Dmitri 23 Southampton
Markoff Mr Marin 35 Southampton
Markun Mr Johann 33 Cherbourg
Matinoff Mr Nicola 30 Cherbourg
Māmā Mr Hannā Mikā’ īl 18 Cherbourg S
Mäenpää Mr Matti Alexanteri 22 Southampton
Mäkinen Mr Kalle Edvard 29 Southampton
McCarthy Miss Catherine 24 Queenstown S
McCormack Mr Thomas Joseph 19 Queenstown
McCoy Miss Agnes 29 Queenstown S
McCoy Miss Alice 26 Queenstown S
McCoy Mr Bernard 24 Queenstown S
McDermott Miss Bridget Delia 31 Queenstown S
McEvoy Mr Michael 19 Queenstown
McGovern Ms Mary 22 Queenstown S
McGowan Miss Catherine 42 Queenstown
McGowan Miss Anna Louise 17 Queenstown
McMahon Mr Martin 19 Queenstown
McNamee Mr Neal 27 Southampton
McNamee Mrs Eileen 19 Southampton
McNeill Miss Bridget 32 Queenstown
Meanwell Mrs Marian 62 Southampton
Meehan Mr John 22 Queenstown
Meek Mrs Annie Louisa 31 Southampton
Meo (Martino) Mr Alfonzo 48 Southampton
Mernagh Mr Robert 28 Queenstown
Midtsjø Mr Karl Albert 21 Southampton S
Mihoff Mr Stoytcho 28 Southampton
Miles Mr Frank 23 Southampton
Mineff Mr Ivan 24 Southampton
Minkoff Mr Lazar 21 Southampton
Mitkoff Mr Mito 23 Southampton
Mockler Miss Ellen Mary 23 Queenstown S
Moen Mr Sigurd Hansen 27 Southampton
Moor Mrs Beila 29 Southampton S
Moor Master Meier 7 Southampton S
Moore Mr Leonard Charles 19 Southampton
Moran Miss Bridget 28 Queenstown S
Moran Mr Daniel J. 27 Queenstown
Morley Mr William 34 Southampton
Morrow Mr Thomas Rowan 30 Queenstown
Moss Mr Albert Johan 29 Southampton S
Moussa Mrs Mantoura Boulos 35 Cherbourg
Moutal Mr Rahamin Haim 28 Southampton
Mubārik Mrs Am īnah 24 Cherbourg S
Mubārik Master Jirjis 7 Cherbourg S
Mubārik Master Hal īm 4 Cherbourg S
Mullin Miss Catherine 21 Queenstown S
Mullin Miss Mary (Lennon) 18 Queenstown
Mulvihill Miss Bridget Elizabeth 25 Queenstown S
Murdlin Mr Joseph 22 Southampton
Murphy Miss Nora 34 Queenstown S
Murphy Miss Margaret Jane 25 Queenstown S
Murphy Miss Catherine 18 Queenstown S
Muslamān ī Mrs Fat īmah Muhammad 22 Cherbourg S
Myhrman Mr Pehr Fabian Oliver Malkolm 18 Southampton
Naidenoff Mr Penko 22 Southampton
Najib Kiamie Miss Adele 15 Cherbourg S
Nakhli Mr Toufik 17 Cherbourg
Nakid Mr Sahid 20 Cherbourg S
Nakid Mrs Waika 19 Cherbourg S
Nakid Miss Maria 1 Cherbourg S
Nancarrow Mr William Henry 36 Southampton
Nankoff Mr Minko 32 Southampton
Nasr ‘Almā Mr Mustafà 20 Cherbourg
Nassr Rizq Mr Saade 20 Cherbourg
Naughton Miss Hannah 21 Queenstown
N īqūla Yārid Miss Jamilah 14 Cherbourg S
N īqūla Yārid Master Ilyās 11 Cherbourg S
Nenkov Mr Hristo 22 Southampton
Nieminen Miss Manta Josefina 29 Southampton
Niklasson Mr Samuel 28 Southampton
Nilsson Mr August Ferdinand 21 Southampton
Nilsson Miss Berta Olivia 18 Southampton S
Nilsson Miss Helmina Josefina 26 Southampton S
Nirva Mr Iisakki Antino äijö 41 Southampton
Niskänen Mr Juha 39 Southampton S
Nofal Mr Mansouer 20 Cherbourg
Nosworthy Mr Richard Cater 21 Southampton
Nysten Miss Anna Sofia 22 Southampton S
Nysveen Mr Johan Hansen 60 Southampton
O’Brien Mr Denis 21 Queenstown
O’Brien Mr Thomas 27 Queenstown
O’Brien Mrs Johanna 26 Queenstown
O’Connell Mr Patrick Denis 17 Queenstown
O’Connor Mr Maurice 16 Queenstown
O’Connor Mr Patrick 23 Queenstown
O’Dwyer Miss Ellen 25 Queenstown S
O’Keefe Mr Patrick 21 Queenstown S
O’Leary Miss Hanora 16 Queenstown S
O’Sullivan Miss Bridget Mary 21 Queenstown
Ödahl Mr Nils Martin 23 Southampton
Öhman Miss Velin 22 Southampton S
Olsen Mr Karl Siegwart Andreas 42 Southampton
Olsen Master Artur Karl 9 Southampton S
Olsen Mr Henry Margido 28 Southampton
Olsen Mr Ole Martin 27 Southampton
Olsson Mr Oscar Wilhelm 32 Southampton S
Olsson Mr Nils Johan Göransson 28 Southampton
Olsson Miss Elina 31 Southampton
Olsvigen Mr Thor Anderson 20 Southampton
Oreskovic Mr Luka 20 Southampton
Oreskovic Miss Jelka 23 Southampton
Oreskovic Miss Marija 20 Southampton
Osén Mr Olaf Elon 16 Southampton
Panula Mrs Maija Emelia Abrahamintytar 41 Southampton
Panula Master Jaako Arnold 14 Southampton
Panula Mr Ernesti Arvid 16 Southampton
Panula Master Juha Niilo 7 Southampton
Panula Master Urho Abraham 2 Southampton
Panula Master Eino Viljam 1 Southampton
Pasic Mr Jakob 21 Southampton
Patchett Mr George 19 Southampton
Pavlovic Mr Stefo 32 Southampton
Pålsson Mrs Alma Cornelia 29 Southampton
Pålsson Master Gösta Leonard 2 Southampton
Pålsson Master Paul Folke 6 Southampton
Pålsson Miss Stina Viola 3 Southampton
Pålsson Miss Torborg Danira 8 Southampton
Peacock Mrs Edith 26 Southampton
Peacock Master Albert Edward 7m Southampton
Peacock Miss Treasteall 3 Southampton
Pearce Mr Ernest 32 Southampton
Pedersen Mr Olaf 28 Southampton
Peduzzi Mr Giuseppe 24 Southampton
Pekoniemi Mr Edvard 21 Southampton
Peltomäki Mr Nikolai Johannes 25 Southampton
Perkin Mr John Henry 22 Southampton
Persson Mr Ernst Ulrik 25 Southampton S
Peter/Joseph Master Michael J. 4 Cherbourg S
Peter/Joseph Miss Anna 2 Cherbourg S
Peteranec Miss Mathilda 28 Southampton
Peters Miss Catherine 26 Queenstown
Petersen Mr Marius 24 Southampton
Petroff Mr Nedialco 19 Southampton
Petroff Mr Pastcho 29 Southampton
Pettersson Mr Johan Emil 25 Southampton
Pettersson Miss Elin Natalia 18 Southampton
Picard Mr Benoît 32 Southampton S
Plotcharsky Mr Vasil 27 Southampton
Pokrnic Mr Mate 17 Southampton
Pokrnic Mr Tome 24 Southampton
Pulner Mr Uscher 16 Cherbourg
Radeff Mr Alexander 27 Southampton
Rafūl-Būlus Mr Bākhūs 20 Cherbourg
Rasmussen Mrs Lena Jakobsen 63 Southampton
Razi Mr Raihed 30 Cherbourg
Reed Mr James George 19 Southampton
Rekic Mr Tido 38 Southampton
Reynolds Mr Harold 21 Southampton
Rice Mrs Margaret 39 Queenstown
Rice Master Albert 10 Queenstown
Rice Master George Hugh 8 Queenstown
Rice Master Eric 7 Queenstown
Rice Master Arthur 4 Queenstown
Rice Master Eugene Francis 2 Queenstown
Riihivuori Miss Susanna Juhantytär 22 Southampton
Rintamäki Mr Matti 35 Southampton
Riordan Miss Hannah 18 Queenstown S
Risien Mr Samuel Beard 69 Southampton
Risien Mrs Emma Jane 58 Southampton
Robins Mr Alexander A. 50 Southampton
Robins Mrs Charity 47 Southampton
Rogers Mr William John 29 Southampton
Rommetvedt Mr Knud Paust 49 Southampton
Rosblom Mrs Helena Wilhelmina 41 Southampton
Rosblom Miss Salli Helena 2 Southampton
Rosblom Mr Viktor Richard 18 Southampton
Roth Miss Sarah 31 Southampton S
Rouse Mr Richard Henry 53 Southampton
Rush Mr Alfred George John 17 Southampton
Ryan Mr Patrick 30 Queenstown
Ryan Mr Edward 24 Queenstown S
Saad Mr Amin 30 Cherbourg
Saad Mr Khalil 27 Cherbourg
Sadlier Mr Matthew 18 Queenstown
Sadowitz Mr Henry 17 Southampton
Sage Mr John George 44 Southampton
Sage Mrs Annie Elizabeth 44 Southampton
Sage Miss Stella Anne 20 Southampton
Sage Mr George John 19 Southampton
Sage Mr Douglas Bullen 18 Southampton
Sage Mr Frederick 16 Southampton
Sage Miss Dorothy 14 Southampton
Sage Master Anthony William 12 Southampton
Sage Miss Elizabeth Ada 10 Southampton
Sage Miss Constance Gladys 7 Southampton
Sage Master Thomas Henry 4 Southampton
Salander Mr Karl Johan 24 Southampton
Salkjelsvik Miss Anna Kristine 21 Southampton S
Salonen Mr Johan Werner 29 Southampton
Samaan Mr Hanna Elias 40 Cherbourg
Samaan Mr Elias 17 Cherbourg
Samaan Mr Youssef 16 Cherbourg
Sandström Mrs Agnes Charlotta 24 Southampton S
Sandström Miss Beatrice Irene 1 Southampton S
Sandström Miss Marguerite Rut 4 Southampton S
Sap Mr Julius 21 Southampton S
Saundercock Mr William Henry 19 Southampton
Sawyer Mr Frederick Charles 33 Southampton
Sæther Mr Simon Sivertsen 43 Southampton
Søholt Mr Peter Andreas Lauritz Andersen 19 Southampton
Scanlan Mr James 22 Queenstown
Scheerlinck Mr Jean 29 Southampton S
Sdycoff Mr Todor 42 Southampton
Seman Master Betros 10 Cherbourg
Shannon Mr Andrew John 36 Southampton
Shaughnessy Mr Patrick 24 Queenstown
Shedid Mr Daher 19 Cherbourg
Shellard Mr Frederick William Blainey 55 Southampton
Shihāb Mr Al-Am īr Fāris 29 Cherbourg
Shine Miss Ellen 20 Queenstown
Shorney Mr Charles Joseph 22 Southampton
Simmons Mr John 40 Southampton
Sirayanian Mr Orsen 22 Cherbourg
Sirota Mr Morris 20 Southampton
Sivic Mr Husein 40 Southampton
Sivola Mr Antti Wilhelm 21 Southampton
Sjöblom Miss Anna Sofia 18 Southampton S
Skoog Mr Wilhelm Johansson 40 Southampton
Skoog Mrs Anna Bernhardina 43 Southampton
Skoog Master Karl Thorsten 11 Southampton
Skoog Master Harald 5 Southampton
Skoog Miss Mabel 9 Southampton
Skoog Miss Margit Elizabeth 2 Southampton
Slabenoff Mr Petco 42 Southampton
Slocovski Mr Selman Francis 20 Southampton
Smiljanic Mr Mile 37 Southampton
Smyth Mr Thomas 26 Queenstown
Smyth Miss Julia 17 Queenstown S
Somerton Mr Francis William 30 Southampton
Spector Mr Woolf 23 Southampton
Spinner Mr Henry John 32 Southampton
Staneff Mr Ivan 23 Southampton
Stankovic Mr Ivan 33 Cherbourg
Stanley Miss Amy Zillah Elsie 24 Southampton S
Stanley Mr Edward Roland 21 Southampton
Storey Mr Thomas 51 Southampton
Stoytcheff Mr Ilia 19 Southampton
Strandén Mr Juho Niilosson 31 Southampton S
Strandberg Miss Ida Sofia 22 Southampton
Ström Mrs Elna Matilda 29 Southampton
Ström Miss Telma Matilda 2 Southampton
Strilic Mr Ivan 27 Southampton
Sunderland Mr Victor Francis 20 Southampton S
Sundman Mr Johan Julian 44 Southampton S
Sutehall Mr Henry Jr 25 Southampton
Svensson Mr Olof 24 Southampton
Svensson Mr Johan 74 Southampton
Svensson Mr Johan Cervin 14 Southampton S
Tannūs Mr Bash īr 31 Cherbourg
Tannūs Mrs Tham īn 16 Cherbourg S
Tannūs Master As’ad 5m Cherbourg S
Törber Mr Ernst Wilhelm 41 Southampton
Törnquist Mr William Henry 25 Southampton S
Tenglin Mr Gunnar Isidor 25 Southampton S
Theobald Mr Thomas Leonard 34 Southampton
Thomas/Tannous Mr Tannous 16 Cherbourg
Thomas/Tannous Mr John 34 Cherbourg
Thompson Mr Alexander Morrison 36 Southampton
Thorneycroft Mr Percival 36 Southampton
Thorneycroft Mrs Florence Kate 32 Southampton S
Tikkanen Mr Juho 32 Southampton
Tobin Mr Roger 20 Queenstown
Todoroff Mr Lalio 23 Southampton
Tomlin Mr Ernest Portage 22 Southampton
Torfa Mr Assad 20 Cherbourg
Totevski Mr Hristo Danchev 25 Southampton
Tu’Mah Mrs Hinnah 27 Cherbourg S
Tu’Mah Miss Mariyam 9 Cherbourg S
Tu’Mah Master Jirjis Yūsuf 8 Cherbourg S
Turcin Mr Stjepan 36 Southampton
Turja Miss Anna Sofia 18 Southampton S
Turkula Mrs Hedwig 63 Southampton S
Van Billiard Mr Austin Blyler 35 Southampton
Van Billiard Master James William 10 Southampton
Van Billiard Master Walter John 9 Southampton
Van De Velde Mr Johannes Josef 35 Southampton
Van Den Steen Mr Leo Peter 28 Southampton
Van Impe Mr Jean Baptiste 36 Southampton
Van Impe Mrs Rosalie Paula 30 Southampton
Van Impe Miss Catharina 10 Southampton
Van Melckebeke Mr Philemon 23 Southampton
Vandercruyssen Mr Victor 46 Southampton
Vanderplancke Mr Julius 31 Southampton
Vanderplancke Mrs Emelie Maria 31 Southampton
Vanderplancke Miss Augusta Maria 18 Southampton
Vanderplancke Mr Leo Edmondus 15 Southampton
Vandewalle Mr Nestor Cyriel 28 Southampton
Vartanian Mr David 22 Cherbourg
Vendel Mr Olof Edvin 20 Southampton
Veström Miss Hulda Amanda Adolfina 14 Southampton
Vovk Mr Janko 21 Southampton
Waelens Mr Achille 22 Southampton
Ware Mr Frederick 34 Southampton
Warren Mr Charles William 30 Southampton
Wazli Mr Yousif Ahmed 23 Cherbourg
Webber Mr James 66 Southampton
Wennerström Mr August 27 Southampton S
Widegren Mr Carl Peter 51 Southampton
Wiklund Mr Karl Johan 21 Southampton
Wiklund Mr Jakob Alfred 18 Southampton
Wilkes Mrs Ellen 47 Southampton S
Willer Mr Aaron 37 Cherbourg
Willey Mr Edward John 18 Southampton
Williams Mr Howard Hugh 28 Southampton
Williams Mr Leslie 28 Southampton
Windeløv Mr Einar 21 Southampton
Wirz Mr Albert 27 Southampton
Wiseman Mr Philippe 54 Southampton
Wittevrongel Mr Camilius Aloysius 36 Southampton
Yasbeck Mr Antoni 27 Cherbourg S
Yazbeck Mrs Selini 15 Cherbourg
Yūsuf Mrs Kātr īn 24 Cherbourg S
Yousseff (Abi Saab) Mr Gerios 26 Cherbourg
Youssiff (Sam’Aan) Mr Gerios 45 Cherbourg
Zakarian Mr Ortin 27 Cherbourg
Zakarian Mr Mapriededer 22 Cherbourg
Zenni Mr Philip 22 Cherbourg S
Zimmermann Mr Leo 29 Southampton

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