How Big Was The Iceberg?

50-100 feet – the approximate height above water of the iceberg that sank Titanic, as recounted by survivors.

200-400 feet – the estimated length of the iceberg.

10% – the percentage of the total mass of an iceberg that is typically visible above water, as the sheer weight of an iceberg means that most of the bulk is underwater.

A possible photograph of the iceberg that sank Titanic

Above: A possible photograph of the iceberg that sank Titanic.

1 mile – the likely original length of the Titanic iceberg, but after 12 months scraping and rebounding along a 40 mile length of fjord, by the time it reached the Atlantic it would already have reduced to around half its original length.

1 billion tons – the amount of sea water that the iceberg would have displaced at its original size.

2 weeks – the approximate length of time after the Titanic struck before the iceberg would have finally disappeared, melted away by the warm waters of the gulf stream.

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